Tomato Tart


This is my version of the tart that Brad served when we visited the Potters Studio at Knarlywood….Use up those beautiful leftover summer tomatoes…served warm or room temperature it will wow the family! ( We couldn’t decide if it should be categorized as appetizer, side dish or dessert…that’s how yummy it is!

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Grandma’s Apple Raspberry Pie



My Grandmother was known for her beautiful homemade apple pie. The crust was always super flaky and packed chock full of sweet apple filling. “Picture perfect” we would call them:)

The recipe I am sharing combines a less sweet, but very flaky dough, with a sweet and tart filling that is par cookedΒ to allow for a “mile high” effect! I have added raspberries that we picked over the summer and had flash frozen. You can use fresh raspberries if you prefer. Either way, this pie will be the star of your dessert table this holiday !

I have included three separate photo galleries…and complete printable instructions.

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Strawberry Champagne Trifle

Strawberry and Champagne are a classic combination. Β Add pastry cream, ladyfingers and whipped cream for an incredible dessert.

Strawberry Champagne Trifle. Yum!

The trifle should be made the day before you plan to serve it. This allows the flavors to come together for a fantastic dessert! I used prosecco in place of champagne, but you decide!


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Cannoli Cream Puffs

Serve these fancy Cannoli Whipped Cream filled Puffs for dessert this Christmas~


Bake these Cannoli Whipped Cream filled puffs this Christmas…your family will be super impressed!!
The best thing is that they look fancy but are really quick and easy to put together….

I’m starting with the filling….because this can be made the day or so ahead.

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Apricot Linzer Cookies

Eight days till Christmas!

Have you baked up some fresh cookies for Santa and his helpers?
These Simple Spritz cookies are so delicious …bake them today…but try to resist eating them until tomorrow…these cookies always taste best after they have set for a day or so.


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