About R&S Meat Market


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From a delicious selection of prime meats and poultry to a variety of appetizing prepared foods that are ready for you to take home to heat and serve, R&S Meat Market carries a number of gourmet quality products, frozen foods and convenience items to make a perfect meal.

R&S Meat Market is not an ordinary butcher shop. You’ll find a fine selection of prepared foods to complement your meats and poultry plus products from Stonewall Kitchen, Udis, Garden Spot Gluten Free, Imported Olive Oils and Balsamic glazes.

Within the past several years R&S Meat Market has introduced an extensive line of All Natural, Hormone and Antibiotic Free, Beef. You will also find a beautiful selection of all natural and organic Poultry products. Looking for Waygu Beef? Check out our Waygu burgers and steaks.

Owner Anthony Chinappi lists customer service and top quality foods as number one priorities for his customers. Anthony began the art of cutting meat at the age of 13 while watching the older butchers as he mopped the floors and cleaned the machines. Anthony has  been a butcher in the Huntington area for the just about thirty years.

Please visit us on Instagram @chowfancy

You will find us on Facebook as R&S Meat Market

R&S Meat Market is located at

212D Wall Street, Huntington, NY 11743



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