Apricot Linzer Cookies

Eight days till Christmas!

Have you baked up some fresh cookies for Santa and his helpers?
These Simple Spritz cookies are so delicious …bake them today…but try to resist eating them until tomorrow…these cookies always taste best after they have set for a day or so.



Ok, so here we go with the next cookie…and it’s a favorite! These disappeared off the counter when I would bake them for the market.

During the holidays I make them with Apricot preserves since so many of the other cookies have Raspberry filling.

But you can certainly put your favorite type of preserves in them.

The gallery below has step by step instructions.
The full ingredient list and recipe is listed below.

This recipe will make fifty super delicious cookies.

You will need a cookie press


Two cups of butter ( Four Sticks)
One and a half cups of granulated sugar
Two eggs
Four and a half cups of all-purpose flour
Half teaspoon of baking powder
One teaspoon of vanilla extract
One teaspoon of almond extract
One teaspoon of salt

Apricot or Raspberry Preserves
Confectioners Sugar

Start by Pre-heating the oven to 375 degrees.

You will not put parchment on the cookies sheets. When pressing cookies, you need them to stick to the surface of the metal sheet.

Cream together the sugar and the softened butter. Add the vanilla and almond extracts. Beat in the eggs, one at a time. Mix until light and fluffy; about 4 minutes.

Add the Flour, salt and baking powder which have been whisked together and mix on a low-speed until combined. Dough will be thick.

When making these cookies, it is best to use the dough right away in order to get the best results from the cookie press. If the dough has been refrigerated, be sure to let it come to room temperature before putting into the cookie press.

Bake at 375 degrees fahrenheit for about 8 minutes, rotating the sheet once. Watch them carefully, they are a small cookie and will burn if you look away for even a minute!

When they are golden, remove the sheet to the counter and let set for 2 minutes. Using a long thin spatula, remove the cookies to a cooling rack.

Once cookies have cooled completely, fill with a teaspoon of your favorite preserves and dust with confectioners sugar. Let them set overnight for an absolutely delicious cookie!

These are gonna be a favorite!

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