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Bourbon Glazed Berkshire Pork Roast


Bourbon Glazed Berkshire Pork Roast Prepared in Tomato Red/Cobalt Blue Chowfancy Baker


This small pork roast fed three people. The mustard brown sugar coating produced a sweet crunchy crust, while the fig gravy was a delicious compliment! Serve with a side salad for the perfect meal~

This may sound ridiculous, but The Butcher had put a ban on my efforts of perfecting pork chops. Yep, I know, crazy right? Well, he was nice about it…but he kindly asked that I stop cooking pork chops…because it just wasn’t working.  So, for a few years I bypassed the pork section of the meat case.
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Smoked Heritage Ham


For the past several years, a smoked ham has been my go-to dish for Easter Sunday. The fact that it is fully cooked and just needs to be heated through has had a lot to do with it…but also it really is delicious when topped with a sweet glaze and served with yummy side dishes.

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Bacon Wrapped Berkshire Pork Roast

Bring back Sunday Supper with this unbelievably delicious Bacon Wrapped Berkshire Pork Roast!

I love spending quality time with family, and in our house, that usually means a meal is involved. When I was younger, Sunday was considered family day. Nothing formal was planned, but we knew that it was the day to spend together at home.

Now, with my own children, I try to carry on that tradition. It is mind clearing to know that there is one out of seven days, where there will be no schlepping, taxiing , organizing or play dating.

Having no plans allows us to do something spur of the moment, rest up, or simply have plenty of time to prepare a fun and delicious meal that we can enjoy together. That thought brings me to this fantastic oven roasted Berkshire Pork Loin.

So …bacon wrapped anything…has got to be good. But for those of you that have yet to try a Berkshire Pork Chop or Berkshire Pork Roast, you are in for a treat.

The Berkshire Hog is a heritage breed of pig which originated over 300 years ago in Berkshire County of the  United Kingdom.  Berkshire pork is the most highly sought after in the world. It is revered for its extraordinary marbling and rich taste. The Berkshire Pork that my Butcher carries is from Dartagnan and is raised on pasture, with no Antibiotics or hormones. One bite of this pork will make you a believer!



Serve this Pork Roast alongside sautéed potatoes & fresh applesauce that you can make from those leftover apples you have in the fridge! Fresh and delicious…


Click through the gallery below for step by step instructions.

The full recipe including how to make the applesauce is posted below :


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