Tapas and Cocktails…This will be the best New Year Yet!

New Year’s Eve is the perfect holiday to plan a fun, relaxing tapas party. I love the small bites coupled with a great glass of wine or champagne. The informality of this type of get together lends itself to a flexible time schedule, and encourages your guests to mingle and have fun.






After all of the formal sit down dinners between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I enjoy to plan a tapas style New Year’s Eve. Even though its informal, I still like to make it a little fancy….

Don’t worry if you don’t have tapas dishes, you can purchase clear plastic disposables from the party store…they look just as beautiful and are super cute!

Click through the gallery below. I have listed all of the antipasto items that I used…but the sky is the limit! Use your imagination.


Items needed:

Fermin Chorizo Iberico

D’Artagnan, Jamon de Bayonne French Prosciutto

Danielle Sopressata


Oscar’s Hickory Smoked Blue Cheese

Oscar’s Aged White Cheddar

Harpersfield Lapsang Souchong Black Tea, Farmstead Cheese

Harpersfield Lavender, Farmstead Cheese

Sicilian Olives

Saratoga Cracked Pepper Parmesan Crackers.


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