Steak Crostini

Hosting a cocktail party?

Add these simple Steak Crostini to your menu. Quick and easy to prepare…they will melt in your mouth!

Serve immediately ! They will be a hit!

Serve immediately ! They will be a hit!

This recipe will make eighteen Steak Crostini.

From The Butcher you will need….Two Rib Eye Steaks
From the Baker you will need….One long loaf of French Bread; sliced into eighteen pieces and lightly toasted.

You will also need:
One recipe of Onion Jam (posted below)…or one jar of onion jam
Creme Fresh or Sour Cream
Fresh Dill
Fresh Ground Salt and Pepper

You can use a prepared Onion Jam for these Crostini…but if you follow the directions below…you will make an unbelievably delicious Jam…I promise it is super simple!

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