How To Serve Caviar


Need I say more?

I have heard caviar referred to as food for the gods. Does that peak your interest?
If you are looking to host a fancy New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party, then caviar should be the first item on the menu.

The purest caviar is believed to be sourced from the eggs of the Sturgeon Beluga, which are very rare and have resulted in high prices for caviar. Many other types of caviar have to come to rival the Russian Sturgeon Beluga. This New Year’s Eve I will be serving the Farm-Raised Ossetra Caviar Malossol. R&S Meat Market carries this delicious caviar with a buttery taste, brought to us from D’Artagnan. This Ossetra Caviar is harvested from the Siberian Sturgeon under humane and sustainable farming conditions in the Aquitaine region of France.



Caviar is best eaten on a soft or lightly toasted bread.

Caviar is best eaten on a soft or lightly toasted bread.


Click through the gallery below for tips on serving and etiquette:

When serving Caviar, it is best to use small spoons to scoop it directly into your mouth, or placed on top of a  bland bread or cracker. Some suggest a smear of creme fresh or butter on top of a small piece of bread.

It is super simple to make this fresh butter to pair with the bread and caviar.

It should be made the day ahead….which makes it that much better! Click through the gallery for step by step instructions:

Happy New Year!

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