January! Looking from the Other Persons Point of View

To Walk on the Moon

By jake chinappi

To walk on the moon,

To experience greatness,

To have no inkling of distress,

Overtaken by joyous thoughts,

Able to walk on that unknown soil,

So far away from home,

Able to feel the heat of the sun,

Having the scent of ozone fill your nose,

The chatter of comms fill your ears,

Turning them off,


Looking up to the distant stars,

Same as you did when you were young,

To appreciate the beauty of the universe,

And to realize how far we’ve come,

To look back and see the world in all its glory,

Borders and divisions hidden from view,

To see the Earth as one,

To realize for now you are truly on your own,

On this tiny sphere of rock and dust,

Alone with your thoughts,

Hoping to come home,

To reconnect,

To be alone,

Is to walk on the moon.


Look closely, to see things from the other persons point of view.


Last January, I asked the question, What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

In asking this question, I received an outpouring of encouragement and feedback,

thoughts and ideas. So much inspiration.


A very special customer named Frank, happened upon the January post, sometime

mid April. The post inspired him and helped him make a big decision that he had

been contemplating. Through his feedback and conversations with others, the

reoccurring idea that I heard was, that if we weren’t afraid, many of us would take a

step back, would work less, but do more. Many of us would spend more time with

friends and family, travel more, give more, hope to stay home more.

The home, was at the central part of every conversation that came out of the

January post.


Through Our Market, I have met the most incredible people, who belong to the

most incredible families. Anthony and I are continually inspired by the love and

generosity, friendship and comradery that we have found

through our “simple” work at the Meat Market.


No matter what the nationality, the profession, the status, the gender. We are all

just looking for the same things. Hope for the future, love in the meanwhile and

comfort of family and friends.


The poem above, To Walk on the Moon, was written last week by our sixteen year

old son Jake.


I needed it…and It knocked me off my feet.


I’ve always known that the children we give birth to, aren’t ours to “keep”.

They come “through” us to become citizens of the world in their own right.  To have their own ideas, their own loves, their own lives. It is our job, as parents, to guide them in the direction that will help them to “create” themselves.


I am learning through my boys. They are bright and innovative and as much as I am inclined to tell them what to do..they don’t need that! They need me to understand them, to expect the best of them, and to know that they are capable and that they will do the best they can. Always.


No matter how much greatness they accomplish, they will always hope to come

home. They will always want to come home.


Last January, when I asked myself the question, What would I do if I weren’t afraid.

The answer made me more afraid, but the answer also inspired and invigorated me.


Because of “our answer” to the question, Anthony and I were inspired to sell our

South Shore home, and move to the North Shore of Long Island to be closer to Our

Market. This decision has been life changing and life saving. The move has saved

us countless hours in travel time and is helping us to create the work-life balance

that we were craving!


Because of “my answer” to the question…What would I do if I weren’t afraid, I was

inspired to discuss the cookbook the I am writing, instead of keeping it a secret. I

was afraid that if I spoke of the project…it wouldn’t materialize. As a matter of fact,

in talking about the book I was writing…the universe and the powers that be have

helped it become a reality!


When something won’t leave you alone, you must explore it. You owe it to yourself

to explore it. You owe it to your family to explore it. The thoughts that bring out the

fear in us are usually the thoughts that bring out the greatness in us.


So, this year, may you become inspiration. May you do the things you always

craved to do. May you be successful, healthy and happy. May you enjoy countless

wonderful moments with family and friends.


And may you take a chance, because in doing so you just might Walk on the Moon.

Cheers to 2020!

#theyearofthecookbook  #chowfancy

With much love,

The Butcher & The Butchers Wife



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