Chowfancy to 2019!

The Sky’s the Limit- January 2019

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

These are the questions we ask our children, but what about us? Are we doing the things that challenge us? Are we doing the things that make us happy? Are we taking the time to nurture our minds, our bodies, our ideas, the things we love and crave to do?

Look straight ahead, and evaluate where you are going. Are you heading in a direction that makes you happy? Do things ahead look bright for you?

January begs me to clean out, to organize, to clear my mind and reset my list. January is my favorite month of the year. January reminds me that this year is full of brand new possibilities. How exciting!

Every January, my mind tends to make up a motto for the coming year. This happens all on its own. There is just no stopping it…I tend to think it, then I tend to see it, first in my mind and then it just starts to show up.

Recently, I see a reoccurring question.

What if?

What if there were more? What if we are meant to do more? What if I should be doing more?   How can I accomplish the things that are in my imagination? How can we push our children to do more? 

Then I hear the question… Why? Why do we need to do more? Why should we be doing more? 

Well….do we want to be doing more?

Maybe what we are doing is enough?

When you truly believe something and live it with every ounce of your being, then good things happen. The best things happen. 

We believe, Less really is more.  Quality is better than quantity.  Family comes first and we should love everything we do.

Patience, Discipline and Time are my words for the coming year.  These three words may not be fancy or fun, but they are the words necessary to facilitate  the “fancy and fun”. 

Things that are meant for us… will never pass us by.

Anthony and I start this brand new year with optimism and gratitude. The year Twenty Eighteen  was a year to remember. It was twelve months of learning and experiencing, working hard and enjoying our family.

When we asked the question can less really be more? The answer became astoundingly clear to us.  Our Market has become more. It has become a meeting place. A place for conversation. A place for encouragement.  A place to feed the family.

This year we learned that its ok to try new things, to think differently, to see situations differently. To say no if something isn’t working. To say let’s try this ….why not?

Every decision that we make, we make together. The reduced hours of business at our store have given us the time to become better together. We are thrilled at how our customers, friends and family have rallied to support us and have continued to walk thru the door of Our Market on the days that we are open for business.  We truly appreciate each and every one of you and promise to always work hard to bring you the best. 

And so as we start this brand new year, Twenty Nineteen, we say Thank you to our special customers, our friends, our employees and our family.

Thank you for understanding us and for your continued love and support.  Most of all thank you for believing in us. 

Chowfancy to 2019!

     We encourage you to think about the question…

                               What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

With much love,

Anthony and Keri

#thebutcher    #butcherswife


  1. Frank Sgrizzi says:


    Just happen to read this post…incredibly beautiful and so inspiring! You’re both amazing people and a true treasure for the people of Huntington. Thank you for doing what you do!


    • Thank you so very much Frank!
      Anthony and I are so grateful for the Huntington Community. We enjoy every minute spent working at our Market and are so happy that you are enjoying!
      We appreciate you!

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