Pancetta Stuffed Quail with White Wine Sauce

I also asked him for 6  slices of pancetta sliced quarter inch thick.

I also asked him for 6 slices of pancetta sliced quarter inch thick.



These beautiful little quail cooked up in about 30 minutes!


D’Artagnan All Natural Bone-out Quail which I stuffed with Pancetta, Sage and Garlic, and cooked in a white wine sauce according to Mimi’s Recipe. So Delicious!



I also made these Spinach Balls Stuffed with Oscar’s Hickory Smoked Blue Cheese…Gourmet!



Mimi’s post included a recipe for a beautiful walnut cake, which I made in a tea cake pan!

So, I told you that I would order up some of those beautiful quail that I read about on Mimi’s blog. Well, The Butcher did me one better by bringing home these gorgeous quail that D’Artagnan had already boned out and cleaned for me!

Now, I may be vicariously “living in France”, but I was wondering how the boys would react to being served something so fancy…

Well, They completely took me by surprise! Actually the youngest amongst us asked if there was “any of that leftover quail” for his lunchbox today…pretty unbelievable…I guess they were that good!

I have included the link to my original post in case you haven’t  read it yet, as well as the link to Mimi’s blog that includes the recipes. I prepared everything on her husbands menu with some minor changes to the ingredients, which you will find in the gallery below.


These D’artagnan Quail are a special order item. So if you plan to make them, give The Butcher a call a day or so before you would like to pick them up. He will be sure to have them for you!

Also keep in mind that they are petite. I thought one was perfect for my appetite, but the boys easily could have eaten two each.


You will find the original recipe here:

Mothers & Daughters

Click through the gallery below:

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