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Over the past several months I have been living vicariously through Mimi Thorrison, author of a blog, named Manger, and a beautiful new cookbook…A Kitchen in France. I follow her blog and it is always a lovely read. Mimi’s stories and photos always manage to inspire me to get moving and to get creative.

I particularly loved the following post that she shared today, co-written by her husband, who happens to photograph all of the beautiful images on her blog and for her cookbook. Take a minute to read it, I truly think it will make you smile. The link is right here

Mothers & Daughters


Family traditions and memories are so special, and I love to read about different cultures and different households and how they approach times spent with loved ones. It’s also wonderful to see how things and traditions evolve and change over time, although I always seem to notice the common thread of family, a meal and a table.

Reading this post made me smile and think about last nights family dinner around our table. Sitting down for dinner with the boys is the time when we all seem to take a break and really listen and communicate. I am fascinated by how much our boys learn about things I’ve never even heard of. I love to sit and listen to the conversations between them and always find myself learning …yep, and they are eight, eleven and thirteen.

Our boys love music  and the  oldest received a vintage record player this past Christmas. He was so excited when my mother in law went up in her attic and brought down boxes of vinyl records from the 60’s and 70’s. Needless to say we have been listening to a lot of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath ( Just to name a few).  So last night the conversation revolved around records, songwriters  and the meaning behind the Beatles song “The Walrus”.  Maybe things don’t evolve as much as I had thought…

Anyhow, I cherish every meal and special occasion shared around our table…It also makes me so grateful for the family that came before us, and the many other families out there that share their stories and family recipes. You can bet that I have already asked The Butcher to order up some Quail so that I can make the Quail with White Wine and herbs from Mimi’s Post…I’ll let you know how it turns out!~

Until then…Enjoy your family time ….at The Table~


You will find the link to the Pancetta Stuffed Quail here 



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