Black and Blue Skins


Potato skins are a great appetizer, but when you cook up the pre-made frozen variety, you can never be quite sure what you are eating. Bake up these fresh potato skins, and you will be happy to see your family inhale them! Yes, that’s kind of the way my boys are eating these days….everything…and quickly!

Load these potato skins up with fresh Harpersfield Farmstead Cheese, I used the Lapsang Black Tea for a smoky flavor and Hickory Smoked Blue Cheese from Oscar’s Smoke House. Top off with some crispy bacon for a super simple make ahead appetizer. These skins will disappear, yet leave you with time to enjoy the game day!

Stop by The Butcher to pick up:

One package of bacon. ( I used Oscar’s Hickory Smoked, but R&S carries a variety of different bacons, so choose your favorite!)
One 4-6 oz wedge of Oscar’s Blue Cheese
One 4-6 oz wedge of Harpersfield Farmstead Cheese. ( I used Lapsang Souchong Black Tea..but choose your favorite!)
One 4-6 oz piece of Boar’s Head Sharp Cheddar. ( The Butcher likes cheddar, so it kind of threw off my Black and Blue theme:)

You will also need:
12 medium sized Idaho Potatoes
Olive Oil
4 tablespoons of melted butter

The great thing about these skins is that you can prepare them early in the day… and pop them in the oven just before serving.

This recipe will make 24 Potato Skins…that happen to be super delicious!

Click through the gallery below for step by step instructions:

Happy Game Day!

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