Dress Up Those Chicken Cutlets with Fresh Spinach and Mozzarella!


Chicken Cutlets are a go to dish….of course the healthiest way to prepare them would be grilled…but sometimes it’s fun to dress them up a bit! My boys can never resist a fried chicken cutlet. These spinach garlic and mozzarella topped cutlets have been a favorite dish for years. Actually, the same friend who inspired my lentil soup is the person who first made these for me… they certainly are quick and easy, yet delicious.

The great part is, if you use a fresh crispy bread crumb, you can fry up the cutlets early in the day. Just before serving, prepare the spinach, top with mozzarella and heat in the oven. You will have dinner on the table in no time!

The Butcher was kind enough to slice up some D’Artagnan all natural, hormone and antibiotic free Chicken Breast into thin cutlets. I’m sure he would love to do the same for you, just ask. Otherwise you can certainly use the regular thin chicken cutlets. I also picked up fresh spinach at the veggie market, but it would be just as delicious to use the fresh spinach that comes pre washed in a bag.

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