Sage & Sausage, Cornbread Stuffing


We have roasted the Turkey, and The Butcher has demonstrated how simple it is to carve. The recipe for pumpkin bread will be a delicious starter to your meal, and Mom’s fresh cranberry relish, a fantastic accompaniment. It’s time now to master the stuffing recipe! This side dish could be my favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner, although it’s just so hard to choose one:)

This recipe is super simple and can be prepared the day ahead. Pop it in the oven as your turkey is resting and you prepare the gravy.

This is a Martha recipe, it can be found here:

Click through the gallery for step by step instruction :

Gluten free tips are added below the gallery-

My Gluten Free Friends:
Breathe easy! This stuffing can be made using Pamela’s brand gluten free cornbread mix….and Kitchen Basics Chicken stock ( which is gluten free). The sausage from my Butcher has no additives so it is gluten free. You will be amazed at how delicious this recipe is when made gluten free!


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