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Northern Farmhouse Bourbon Barrel Cracked Pepper Pappardelle with Arugula Pesto and Zucchini

We are in the thick of summer and I am sure that you have seen the many recipes utilizing the most bountiful veggies of the season. Zucchini is plentiful this month and there are many creative dishes popping up around the web and in the cooking magazines.

The Butcher carries a variety of  hand crafted pastas brought to us from the legendary Catskill Mountains. Northern Farmhouse Pasta makes a delicious pappardelle. Pair this gourmet pasta, that is made using organic NY Wheat, with beautiful zucchini and some grilled  sweet sausage. You will have a summer meal that is over the top!


Northern Farmhouse Pasta~ Bourbon Barrell Cracked Pepper Pappardelle, paired with fresh arugula pesto, zucchini and fresh R&S sweet sausage ~

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