Fall Foliage…A view from Bohringer’s Fruit Farm

October is telling me that it’s time to dust off the soup pot and get back to cooking up some comfort foods! In our home and at the Meat Market, September feels like the beginning of a new year. With the kids back to school and the change in the weather, I always feel like cleaning out, changing things up and working on a new plan~



Looking back on what a beautiful summer we enjoyed always gives me inspiration to move forward…so take a look below at the photo gallery from #thebutcherslife. We truly enjoyed each and every day…I think that’s why this summer in particular went by so quick!


Unplugging and detaching from the “real” world…The boys and The Butcher and I enjoyed several getaways Upstate NY…this was a beautiful day on the pond with fun Kayaks!

photo 2

The view at the beginning of the summer …Top of Vromans Nose~ Schoharie Valley


A visit from the Potter …Terrice Bassler….who has been creating gorgeous handcrafted pottery for us in her Upstate Studio…run completely on Solar Power.


D’Artagnan Chef Kevin O’Donnell joined us for a specialty food tasting in June…We thank all of our loyal customers for your support!

Many of the product that we sell at the Meat Market are inspired by our time spent Upstate NY in the Catskill Mountains. The clean air and quietude seem to slow down time and make each day feel like two! Check out some of the pics below~





Ocean City, New Jersey

As much as we love the Mountains is as much as we love the beach! We were lucky enough to be invited to visit friends who live in Ocean City, NJ…Check out the pics below~






The Pond at Knarlywood

Our last getaway before the boys went back to school…brought us to Berne NY where the Potter has her studio…check out the picks of her gorgeous property that she has named Knarlywood~

So with October comes some new and fun things at the Meat Market…look for some updates around the store…some new items…and another food tasting. Mark your calendar for Saturday October 22nd..Chef Kevin from D’Artagnan will be back to cook up some fall foods! Take a look below for a sneak peek at the new Soup Mugs that Terrice has created for Chowfancy…


Handcrafted Chowfancy Soup Mugs…available at the Meat Market starting October 22nd~

Chowfancy Everyone!
But Most of all…Enjoy the Family this fall!



  1. Annette says:

    Hi Kerrie,
    I just loved your cauliflower au gratin that I purchased yesterday! May I please have the recipe for that? I’m planning a dinner party on Saturday.
    Thank you. I just love your website!
    – Annette

  2. Annette says:

    Hi Kerrie,
    I loved your cauliflower au gratin that I purchased yesterday! May I please have the recipe? I’m planning a dinner party on Saturday. I love your website!

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