Terrice Bassler Creates Chowfancy Pottery~


Handcrafted Chowfancy Pottery ~ Debut Collection~

“The love we give away is the only love we keep” Elbert Hubbard ~

It’s no secret that I love to set the table. I enjoy to prepare a meal using quality tools and dishes and our family likes the special feel of a dinner that is served off of beautiful dinnerware.

It’s also no secret that I love vibrance and color!

On a recent trip Upstate New York, I was wandering through one of my favorite stores in Schoharie, named The Hive. This lovely vintage store is owned and operated by a woman named Theresa who inspires me! If you are ever traveling through the Northern Catskill Mountains I encourage you to stop by The Hive and say hello to Theresa…she will surely offer you a cup of coffee or tea, served in a beautiful mug of course!

terrice with pottery wheel

Artist and Potter Terrice Bassler working in her Studio, Upstate NY~


Anyhow, I love The Hive partly because it mixes new items with vintage. This beautiful store always has something fun and different, and carries many handmade items from local upstate Artisans. At The Hive, I came across the most beautiful handcrafted pottery. I purchased two of these beautiful “Zen” cups that were hand made by local potter Terrice Bassler. Immediately I became hooked! The rustic artistic quality to each piece she designs is truly unique and after catching up with her, was able to convince Terrice to create one of a kind pieces for Chowfancy. These Chowfancy cups, buddha bowls, casserole dishes and other items are all hand made, one of a kind pieces that are super useful in the kitchen. Each piece of pottery is created to go in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Terrice creates each piece in her Upstate NY studio that is run with Solar Power…yep, it doesn’t get any better than that;)


The beauty of handcrafted pottery~

Read about Terrice Bassler here   Terrice Bassler ~ Pottery with Purpose


Untitled 3

Pieces ready for firing!

Untitled 4

Just love these cups!

Untitled 5

Chowfancy Casserole Dish~

Untitled 5

Made with Love!

The Debut Collection of Chowfancy Pottery is now available at R&S Meat Market and I will begin to share recipes utilizing each piece. We would also love to hear all of the different uses that you find for these versatile pieces of art.

In keeping with the theme of Pottery With Purpose, a portion of the proceeds from our pottery collection will be donated to various local charities.

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