Herb Crusted Frenched Rack of Lamb

Looking for a showstopper this holiday?

Frenched Rack of Lamb looks super fancy, yet roasts in the oven in just under thirty minutes. Rack of Lamb is expensive…but absolutely worth it! Serve this dish if you are feeding a smaller crowd. A little bit goes a long way and will certainly be an unforgettable holiday meal. Depending on the appetites of your guests, I would suggest one rack for every two to three people. Serve a simple side dish and an elegant salad for a gourmet dinner with minimal fuss.




Herb Crusted Frenched Rack of Lamb

Ask the Butcher for Frenched Rack of Lamb ( I have used the D’Artagnan All Natural Lamb)
You will also need:
Fresh Garlic; chopped (3 cloves per rack)
Fresh Sage, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh Thyme; (1/3 cup of each per rack) Breadcrumbs; 1/3 cup per rack
Olive oil; 1/3 cup per rack
Fresh cracked salt and pepper

I prefer to roast the lamb on a parchment lined baking tray~

You will need a meat thermometer! Lamb is traditionally served medium-rare; 145 degrees internal temperature. You can adjust the cooking time to suit the palate of your guests.

Pre heat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit. ( Just remember, every oven runs differently… check the meat before you think it should be at temperature…it can always be popped back into the oven.)

Bring the lamb to room temperature.

Prepare your crumb mixture by combining the chopped garlic, fresh chopped herbs, bread crumbs and olive oil. It will form a crumbly paste. Season the lamb on both sides with fresh cracked salt and pepper. Lay the lamb on the parchment lined baking sheet, fat side up and top with the crumb mixture.

Roast in your oven for about forty minutes. Check the temperature at the twenty-minute mark. In my 400 degree oven it took 40 minutes to reach 145 degrees internal temperature.

When the lamb has reached your desired temperature, remove to the counter and cover with foil for ten minutes.

The Rack of Lamb can be presented whole at the table and simply sliced between each bone with a sharp knife.

My Gluten Free friends can easily adapt this recipe by using Gluten Free bread crumbs!

Enjoy~ So Fancy!

Scroll through the gallery for step by step instructions.


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