Pork Sliders


Sliders are a fun addition to the table. Browsing through a cooking magazine recently, I noticed that there are all sorts of things that you can put between those adorable little rolls.

I decided to grill up a pork tenderloin that had been marinated in a recipe given to me by a special customer…she said it’s always a hit…so I gave it a try… with very delicious results!

The brioche slider rolls that I used are available at the Meat Market Friday thru Sunday…so plan ahead if you’d like to add this dish to the menu!


A printable recipe can be found here  Pork Sliders Recipe


This recipe makes eight pork sliders~
Ask The Butcher for:

One nice size pork tenderloin
8 slider size brioche buns

For the marinade you will need:
2 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoons of Honey
2 Tablespoons of Dijon mustard
1/2 cup of A1 Sauce ( I used Worcestershire in place of this)

Oscar’s More Than Mustard was the perfect complement to this slider. I brushed the top of each brioche bun with just a bit…you can also serve with pickles.


To Begin:
Whisk the marinade ingredients together and place along with the pork tenderloin inside a ziplock bag to marinate overnight.( Or at least several hours. )

Just before serving, grill the pork tenderloin over a medium heat for a total of sixteen to eighteen minutes, flipping the meat once. You can use a meat thermometer for perfection. Internal temperature should reach 145 degrees for Pork.

Prepare the brioche buns by slicing and slathering a bit of your favorite mustard onto the lid. ( I used Oscar’s More Than Mustard that is brought to us straight from the Adirondack Mountains.)

Let the meat stand for five minutes after you have removed it from the grill. Slice into rounds and serve on slider rolls…so delicious! Fun too!


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