Corned Beef & Cabbage




St. Patrick’s Day is so whimsical and fun that whether or not you have Irish heritage, it is an enjoyable day to celebrate. My Grandmother always prepared Corned Beef and Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day, and it was a meal that I really looked forward to.

Now that I am cooking the meals, I am lucky enough that The Butcher brings me fantastic Corned Beef that has been brined in Manhattan, especially for R&S Meat Market. He orders ahead and they pickle it and place it in large brining barrels. Hence you have, Fresh Barrel Corned Beef…so delicious…and super special.

If you were lucky enough to pick up a piece of this fantastic corned beef, then follow the directions below to cook it to perfection. I have also added a link to my recipe for Beer, Bacon and Cheddar Soup, a delicious compliment to this traditional meal.

In addition to your piece of corned beef you will need:

A VERY LARGE pot to boil the beef in!

Red skin potatoes –  two per person
One small head of purple cabbage- thin sliced
One medium size head of green cabbage- cut into wedges
Gourmet Mustards for serving

Plan on two and a half to three hours of cooking time for the corned beef.

Slice half of the head of purple cabbage and place in the bottom of a large pot. Place the piece of beef on top of the cabbage and fill the pot with water. The corned beef should have plenty of space in the pot and should be fully submerged in the water. If you have ordered a very large piece of meat, ask The Butcher to cut it in half so that you can cook it in two separate pots.

Once the water has come to a full boil, set the timer for three hours. Check the meat at the two and a half hour mark. Once you can sink a fork into the piece of meat, it is done.

If you are making boiled potatoes and cabbage on the side. You can start to prepare these about an hour before you expect the corned beef to be done. I prefer to boil the potatoes and cabbage in separate pots, but you can also put them together in one large pot.

You can find a printable version of the cooking instructions here
Corned Beef & Cabbage

The link to the Beer, Cheddar and Bacon Soup is here


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