Pub Style Oven Frites


We love french fries in our house…The Butcher likes them extra crispy, and the boys will inhale them any way they are put down in front of them! I have come to find out that it is actually quite simple to make pub style frites at home, using fresh potatoes and herbs. A platter of home-made fries is a delicious compliment to any steak dinner, but can also be used as an appetizer.

If you decide to make these fries, let me warn you ahead of time, to make enough..well…you’d better make more than enough. My boys can down a platter of these frites in no time…and I may have had more than one helping myself.

This recipe makes a nice size platter of delicious frites with fresh herbs & olive oil.
The original recipe that inspired these fries can be found here, but I have put my own little spin on it.

Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit

You will need:

Three rimmed baking sheets
Six nice size Idaho Potatoes; scrubbed clean
Olive Oil
A nice bunch of Rosemary; chopped fine
Several stems of fresh Thyme; leaves removed
Fresh ground salt and pepper

Click through the gallery below for step by step instructions:

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