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January! Looking from the Other Persons Point of View

To Walk on the Moon

By jake chinappi

To walk on the moon,

To experience greatness,

To have no inkling of distress,

Overtaken by joyous thoughts,

Able to walk on that unknown soil,

So far away from home,

Able to feel the heat of the sun,

Having the scent of ozone fill your nose,

The chatter of comms fill your ears,

Turning them off,


Looking up to the distant stars,

Same as you did when you were young,

To appreciate the beauty of the universe,

And to realize how far we’ve come,

To look back and see the world in all its glory,

Borders and divisions hidden from view,

To see the Earth as one,

To realize for now you are truly on your own,

On this tiny sphere of rock and dust,

Alone with your thoughts,

Hoping to come home,

To reconnect,

To be alone,

Is to walk on the moon.

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