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Grandma’s Apple Raspberry Pie



My Grandmother was known for her beautiful homemade apple pie. The crust was always super flaky and packed chock full of sweet apple filling. “Picture perfect” we would call them:)

The recipe I am sharing combines a less sweet, but very flaky dough, with a sweet and tart filling that is par cooked to allow for a “mile high” effect! I have added raspberries that we picked over the summer and had flash frozen. You can use fresh raspberries if you prefer. Either way, this pie will be the star of your dessert table this holiday !

I have included three separate photo galleries…and complete printable instructions.

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Rustic Pear, Sweet Sausage and Green Apple Stuffing


In case you hadn’t noticed…I have gone all out with pears this Thanksgiving!
Bosc and Secklund Pears are a beautiful fall fruit and work well with chicken or turkey. Using the same fruits and veggies throughout the meal keep it simple when shopping, but also help to create a cohesive taste to the entire dinner as well!

This Rustic Pear, Sweet Sausage and Green Apple Stuffing will be gobbled up just as quickly as the Turkey!

It can be prepared the day ahead making it the perfect side dish this Thanksgiving.
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Poached Pear with Jamon Iberico


Start this Thanksgiving meal off with a gorgeous poached pear!

These pears look super fancy, but are so simple to prepare. Finish off this sweet dish with a  salty compliment of Jamón Ibérico prosciutto from Spain or Jambon de Bayonne French prosciutto and the family will think they have eaten at the finest of restaurants this holiday!

This beautiful appetizer can be plated individually for a sit down meal. If you are planning a buffet, group the pears on a large platter. The pears can be poached the day ahead and served room temperature…or poached just before dinner and served warm. Either way they are super delicious and make a beautiful presentation!


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