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Porterhouse For Two!

Thinking of the perfect treat for Dad this Father’s Day?

Grill up this classic Porterhouse Steak…chances are he will love it!
The Butcher carries top quality Porterhouse with filet and tail intact. If you are looking for a beautiful presentation, grill up this steak, carve, and serve along with the bone on a large platter …Bistro quality…in your own backyard!


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German Potato Salad


If you ask ten different people, I’ll bet they will have ten different methods to making the best potato salad! I happen to love the potato and egg salad that is made at R&S, but it’s fun to change it up as well.

The combination of potatoes, Applewood smoked bacon, and Rapacki spicy brown mustard in the following recipe are enough to start my mouth watering…I’ve also added some fresh dill and a few other fresh herbs to send this warm German potato salad over the top!

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Fresh Corn and Black Bean Salad

I love fresh vegetables, they can elevate a dish just with the vibrant colors themselves! Combine a few veggies together to make a summer salad…and I’m in heaven!

As I’ve said lately, I have been spending more time at the Meat Market. It has been very beneficial to our dinners, as now I am inspired first hand by the dishes that all of our customers are making with their purchases.

A special customer gave me the following recipe for a yummy fresh corn salad, and I have become hooked on it!

So have The Butcher and our boys. The great thing is that this corn salad can be served warm or cold…so delicious!

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