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Valentine Steak and Frites



Treat your “Love” to a gourmet dinner at home this Valentine’s Day!
Nothing could be more romantic than cooking a beautiful meal for someone special. When you cook for someone it truly shows that you care.

That being said…cooking a steak perfectly can be intimidating. Well, the wonderful thing about a filet mignon is that it cooks quickly and will stay juicy, if you sear it in a cast iron or stainless skillet and then transfer it to the oven to finish cooking.


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Love This Caprese Salad!


Love is in the air…

Who can resist a fresh caprese salad? The combination of fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes and a great quality olive oil are the perfect starter to any meal.

For Valentine’s Day make this classic combination extra special by using heart-shaped cookie cutters to put a cute twist on it….That someone special will surely appreciate it:)

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Pub Style Oven Frites


We love french fries in our house…The Butcher likes them extra crispy, and the boys will inhale them any way they are put down in front of them! I have come to find out that it is actually quite simple to make pub style frites at home, using fresh potatoes and herbs. A platter of home-made fries is a┬ádelicious compliment to any steak dinner, but can also be used as an appetizer.

If you decide to make these fries, let me warn you ahead of time, to make enough..well…you’d better make more than enough. My boys can down a platter of these frites in no time…and I may have had more than one helping myself.

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