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Milk and Cookies for Santa and his Elves!

Ever since I can remember, December has been the month of massive amounts of baking. My Grandmother would make a special Christmas pie that took several days worth of steps to put together ( I am still trying to locate the recipe for it!). My Mother would bake trays and trays of cookies which became a super hot commodity.

Needless to say, my sister and I had no choice but to pick up some type of baking skills. She has become the cake lady, and I have carried on the tradition of cookie baking!

In honor of the holidays I will share some of the favorites that are baked in our house during the month of December. Below is a list of ingredients to have on hand. I usually prefer to bake the cookies in stages, and then decorate them all at once. This way not only is it festive and fun, the mess stays sandwiched between a weekend, my house stays neat and my family stays sane!

Over the next week or so I will be posting cookie how to and recipes…for now I have included a master list of ingredients that you will need in order to bake all of the cookies below. I have also included an individual ingredient list for each cookie, in case you decide to pick and choose.


Below are Apricot Star Linzers and Rasberry Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies


These Jam Circles are a favorite..they literally melt in your mouth~

Yes…you can make these Venetian Rainbow cookies, and your family will love you!

They are actually simple….they just take a little bit of patience:)

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