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Give Thanks for this Thanksgiving Menu!

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


I’m not sure about you, but when I start planning the menu for any event, I tend to go overboard on the food. I don’t really mean too many leftovers, but more so that I try to make too many different dishes.

My new motto has become “Quality…not Quantity “. When I think of the motto, it reminds me to scratch at least two dishes from the menu. This way I am left with only the favorites, and I can concentrate on making them taste absolutely mouth watering.

This Thanksgiving I have put together a menu, that uses lots of fresh ingredients, many of which can be prepared a little in advance . The recipes are also super simple without giving up any of the taste!

The menu, which will serve ten guests, includes…

Fall Sangria, Pumpkin Bread,

Autumn Pear Salad, Pumpkin Ravioli Soup,

White Wine Herb Roasted Turkey,


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