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Game Day… Pulled Pork in the Slow Cooker…Yum!

Football season is upon us, and those who know me, will tell you that I know nothing about the game itself. I can however, recommend a whole slew of appetizers and fixens to satisfy your game day crowd.

The slow cooker is a fabulous invention. If you haven’t yet brought yours out of the attic, or up from the basement, you will want to do so; immediately! This pork shoulder recipe cooks for six hours on high, in your slow cooker, while you enjoy your Sunday. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Come game time, this pulled pork will be ready for you to serve up with your favorite Cole Slaw, Spicy pickles, Tortilla chips and rolls. Melt in your mouth delicious…


Click through the gallery for some quick tips…the complete recipe is below.

Ask the butcher for:
One 5-6 pound Pork Shoulder
One 28 oz bottle of your favorite thick barbecue sauce ( I prefer Sweet Baby Ray’s)
One Red Onion sliced paper-thin
Fresh ground salt and black pepper

Just a couple of tips:
-I used a Crock Pot brand programable slow cooker, six quart capacity.
-My favorite pickles come from Dave’s Pickle farm, which the butcher brings down from the Catskill Mountains. I served the Hot Garlic Dill ( sliced long ways) as well as the Gourmet Spicy Chips. The combination of the spicy pickles with the sweet pork is fantastic!
-For an appetizer, serve this pulled pork with Tortilla Chips. You could even use slider rolls to feed a larger group.
-This recipe will feed six to eight as a main course. Serve with large rolls.

Plan for seven and a half hours of total prep/cook/serve time.
Slice the red onion paper-thin and scatter in the bottom of the slow cooker.
Remove the Pork shoulder from the wrapping and season well with fresh ground salt and black pepper. On one side of the roast you will find a blanket of fat. The butcher can leave this thick or remove as much as you prefer. (I like to leave some of the fat so that it melts into the Pork as it cooks. Then prior to shredding I remove any remaining fat with a sharp knife.)
After seasoning the pork well, remove any butcher twine and place the Pork Shoulder, fat side up on top of the onions. Pour the entire twenty-eight ounce bottle of barbecue sauce directly over the Pork. Close the lid, and set timer for six hours on high.
Enjoy your afternoon:)
At the six-hour mark, remove the pork to a large bowl. Slice off any remaining fat with a sharp knife. Shred Pork with two large forks, then gently return to the slow cooker for another half hour. When time is up, turn to keep warm setting until you are ready to serve!
Ridiculously simple!
Enjoy the game:)

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